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Custom Lost, Please Call Tattoos

Please Call Tattoos


Please Call Tattoo with Number


Actual size of tattoo: approx 1"x2".

35 tattoos on a single sheet.


Getting separated from your child in a busy environment, such as an amusement park or shopping mall, is an extremely stressful event for both the parent and child. Putting your phone number by writing directly onto your child's arm - with an ink pen or a felt-tipped marker - is one way to allow contact to be made if you are separated from your child; but it is extremely difficult to remove.


Applying a sticker (with your contact number) directly onto your child, either to their clothing or skin, can be irritating and can easily get lost or otherwise removed.


However, using a temporary tattoo makes the process easy!


Just let us print your phone number into a custom temporary tattoo that you can apply to your child's arm. In a short period of time, they won't even notice it's there! The tattoo will last 1-3 days, won't wash off with normal soap and water, or in the rain, but it can be easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.


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