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Eyeblack for Athletes and Fans!

Custom eyeblack virtual proof

"Eyeblack" is grease traditionally smeared beneath the eyes of athletes to reduce the glare of the sun, improving their visual acuity while playing sports. This is most common in American football, but the use of eyeblack goes all the way back to Babe Ruth (in baseball). 

Athletes using eyeblack has become more than improving their performance: it has become part of their pre-game preparation, getting them ready and focussed on the game ahead.

custom eyeblack - sportsink logoSports Ink can now offer a convenient, effective eyeblack patch in a high-tech, breathable "performance material" - either custom eyeblack with your logo, mascot, crest or colors on it, or even just plain black - that you or your fans can easily apply and simply "peel off" when you're done.

With your team logo or mascot printed on an eyeblack patch, you can engage your fans to prepare and focus their support for your team! And as it is printed on "performance material", the eyeblack is still effective as an anti-glare device, improving visual acuity - just like the athletes wear.

Plain black eyeblack starts at €1.79/pr (VAT included), and custom eyeblack (min. order quantity of 250) starts at €1.99/pr (+VAT). Contact us at for a full price sheet, and if you send on a logo we can create a visual proof, free of charge!

Performance Plain Eye Black

Performance Plain Eye Black

Performance Eye Black patches that peel on and off for ease-of-use, giving the athlete improved visual acuity, but also to "focus the mind" when preparing for the big game!


Price: €1.79